Saturday, December 22, 2007

Swirled Wine Bottle Cozy

Free Pattern: Swirled Wine Bottle Cozy

This is the last of my Christmas cozies. I put a little more effort into this one since it's for my big sister. I love the colors in this yarn, and the swirls add a little pop to it.

US #7 double point needles
1 skein Patons SWS in Natural Earth
Stitch Marker
Row Counter
Yarn Needle

Finished Measurements:
12 1/2" tall X 9" around - will stretch for larger bottles

5 stitches X 6 rows = 1"

Cast on 36 stitches, place marker, and join to begin working in the round.

Rounds 1 - 9: work k2, p2 ribbing around
Round10: *yo, k2tog, yo, p2tog* repeat between *'s around
Rounds 11 - 19: work k2, p2 ribbing around

Round 20: *K3, P1* repeat between *'s around
Round 21: K2, p1, *k3, p1* to last st, k1
Round 22: K1, p1, *k3, p1* to last 2 sts, k2
Round 23: *P1, k3* around

Repeat rounds 20 - 23 until cozy measures 12 1/2 to 13 inches.
Purl 1 round, knit 2 more rounds and begin decreases.

1 - *K2, k2tog* repeat between *'s around
2 & 3 - Knit
4 - *K1, k2tog* around
5 - Knit
6 - *K2tog* around

Cut yarn and thread through stitches remaining on needle. Pull tight & weave in ends.

Cut a piece of yarn 3-4 yards long. Fold in half and twist until yarn twists when slackened, fold in half and let yarn twist on itself. Tie ends into knots and trim ends. Thread through holes in cozy and tie in a bow.

Tips: has great instructions for casting on and knitting in the round.

This pattern is free for personal use only. Please do not use for profit unless all proceeds go to charity.