Friday, December 14, 2007

'Round the Bottle Wine Cozy

Free Pattern: 'Round the Bottle Wine Cozy
For Christmas this year I thought I'd give a little holiday cheer in the form of an alcoholic beverage (only for those over 21! Sorry, lil' sis!). I wanted to do something a little different, so this one is knit sideways around the bottle. I hadn't used a provisional cast on before, so this was a little iffy, but I was happy with the way it turned out. The colors in the picture are a little brighter than it actually looks.

US #5 straight and double point needles plus an extra needle this size or a size smaller
Plymouth Yarns Outback Wool Color #996 (the skein I bought was huge - 400 yards - but I love it!)
Small amount of waste yarn in contrasting color (smooth is better)
Stitch Marker
Yarn Needle

Finished Measurements:
12" tall X 9" around - will stretch

21 stitches X 28 rows = 4"

Using waste yarn work provisional (or crochet) cast on for 68 stitches.

Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 - Purl
Row 3 - K 50, place marker, k 9, yo, k2tog, k 7
Row 4 - Purl
Row 5 - Knit
Row 6 - *sl 1 wyif, k1* 9 times, p 50
Row 7 - K 50, *sl 1 wyib, p1* 9 times
Row 8 - K 7, k2tog, yo, k9, p 50
Row 9 - K 50, p 18
Row 10 - K 18, p 50
Repeat these 10 rows 5 more times for a total of 6 repeats. Do not bind off!!!

Remove provisional cast on, picking up stitches as you go (you should have 68 stitches on both needles).
Do a 3 needle bind off.

Using double point needles, pick up 36 stitches around bottom edge of cozy.
Knit 2 rounds and begin decreases.

Round 1 - K 2, k2tog
Round 2 - Knit
Round 3 - K1, k2tog
Round 4 - Knit
Round 5 - K2tog

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches, pull tight.
Weave in ends.

Cut a piece of yarn about 4-5 yards long. Fold in half and twist until yarn twists when slackened, fold in half again and let yarn twist on itself. Tie ends into knots and trim ends. Thread through holes in cozy and tie in a bow.

Tips: has great instructions for cast on and bind off methods.

This pattern is free for personal use only. Please do not use for profit unless all proceeds go to charity.