Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wine Glass Markers

Free Pattern: Wine Glass Markers
A great way to tell which glass is yours at dinner parties. Also works great on coffee mugs for that after dinner cup 'o joe. They are very quick to knit, and use only a few yards of yarn each. I used cut corks for my buttons, but you can use beads, buttons, or anything you wish to personalize your set.

US #7 double point needles
Scraps of worsted weight yarn (8 pieces - about 2-3 yards in length)
2 corks (cut into quarters - 8 pieces) or 8 beads or buttons
Yarn Needle

Not too important, but make one to be sure your cork, button, bead fits before making the rest. If your hole is too small, work 1-2 more rows i-cord, if too big, work 1-2 fewer rows.

CO 3 stitches using knitted cast on. Work 11 rows I-cord.

Pick up 2 stitches from cast on edge (5 stitches on needle).

Knit 11 more rows I-cord.

Bind off row: k2tog, k1, bo 1st stitch, k2tog, pass k2tog st over middle stitch to bind off.

Cut yarn leaving enough to attach cork (bead, button) and thread through center stitch.

Attach cork (bead, button) and weave in ends.

Celebrate with a glass of wine or a cup 'o joe! Enjoy!

Tips: has great instructions for cast-on methods, and working I-cord.

This pattern is free for personal use only. Please do not use for profit unless all proceeds go to charity.