Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Jacket

Free Pattern: Book Jacket
This book jacket is the result of boredom. I wanted something simple and quick to knit (I'm all about instant gratification!). It looks good, and my mother-in-law liked it so much, I gave it to her. The only thing I would do different on the next one is stockinette instead of seed stitch on the inside flaps. It's not too thick, but it leave a bit of a gap when the book is closed.

US #8 needles ( I used a 16" circ. instead of straight needles for the added length)
1 skein Red Heart Carefree Cotton in Kiwi (178 yrds or 100 grams)
Stitch Markers (Optional)
Yarn Needle

5 sts X 6 rows = 1"

CO 79 sts using cable cast on (leave at least a 6-7" tail for seaming, one less end to weave in).

Row 1 - (k1, p1) 5X, place marker, (k3, p1) 14X, k3, place marker, (p1, k1) 5X

Row 2 - (k1, p1) 5X, slip marker, (p3, k1) 14X, p3, slip marker, (p1, k1) 5X

*to work stockinette stitch for the inside flap, knit the first and last 10 of row 1, and purl on row 2.

Bind off in pattern row 1.

Pick which side you want to be the outside and fold flaps to inside and sew each end using whip stitch. Weave in your ends and enjoy!

Tips: has great instructions for cast on methods and seaming stitches.

This pattern is free for personal use only. Please do not use for profit unless all proceeds go to charity.