Monday, November 19, 2007

Elf's Hat

Free Pattern: Elf's Hat
Well, I made a Santa hat, but Santa needed a helper... My son can be an angel some days, but there are days that he reminds me of an evil elf. It's not enough that he calls my name every 2 minutes, he has to try to karate chop everything in sight, including the camera!

US #10 1/2 circular needles
US #10 1/2 double point needles
1 skein worsted weight wool in Red
1 skein worsted weight wool in Green
(I used a worsted weight from Knit Picks, I lost the labels, so I'm not sure of yardage, I think it was about 100 yards per skein?)
Stitch Marker
Yarn needle

Finished Measurements:
18" around X 16" tall minus pom-pom - will fit up to 24" head

4 1/2 stitches and 5 1/4 rows - 1"

With green, and circular needles,cast on 72 stitches using cable cast on, place marker and join to begin knitting in the round. (You'll need to switch to dpn's when you've decreased enough that the circular is too big, or you can always use dpn's all the way.)

Rows 1-8: *K2, P2* repeat between *'s around
Row 9-10: Knit
Row 11: Knit with red, do not cut green

For the rest of this piece, when you reach the beginning of the round, you will bring the yarn you are not knitting with over from the left of the yarn you are using, this will 'weave' the yarn up so it will be ready to knit with later.

Row 12-19: Knit
Row 20: *K7, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row 21-29: Knit with green
Row 30: *K6, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row 31 - 39: Knit with red
Row 40: *K5, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row 41-49: Knit with green
Row 50: *K4, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row 51-59: Knit with red
Row 60: *K3, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row61-69: Knit with green
Row 70: *K2, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row 71-79: Knit with red
Row 80: *K1, K2tog* repeat between *'s around
Row 81-89: Knit with green
Row 90: *K2tog* repeat between *'s around

Cut yarn leaving a 6-7" tail, thread through remaining stitches and pull tight. Make pom-pom with red and green together and tie to top. Weave in ends and have a Merry Christmas!

Tips: has great instructions for cast on methods.

This pattern is free for personal use only. Please do not use for profit unless all proceeds go to charity.